Nikita Sacha is a multi-disciplinary artist whose body of work spans installation, photography, sculpture, and painting in different media.

She earned a BFA from Miriam College in the Philippines in 2008, and an MFA in painting from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA, in 2017.

She has been exhibiting for over twenty years and has had several solo shows in her native Philippines, the first of which was in 2009. She has also participated in multiple juried and invitational group exhibitions around the US and more recently, Europe. This year, two of her pieces were displayed in the curatorial venture “On Walking Away” in Venice, Italy that explores the dichotomies of distance through art and its different media. Her portrait Ako was part of the newly concluded year-long touring exhibition for the 2018 BP Portrait Award. It was one of the paintings chosen from thousands worldwide at the most prestigious portrait painting competition in the world.



I am interested in relationships and their emotional dynamics— how we subject each other to a kind of destruction. Often drawing from cultural and personal mythologies, my work touches on a certain melancholia and the quiet violence of being. 

The ongoing series I am working on, “Ang Mahabang Gabi Ng Iyong Liwanag” (The Long Night of Your Light) are of abstracted portraits that explore personal relationships conducted over long distances. Inspired by the need to communicate with my family by video call while studying away from home for my MFA, I interpret images of video calls during moments of failing internet connection. I use this as a visual for disconnection and separation, both emotional and physical.